My Dad, My hero.

When my dad first told me I could one day drive a Jr. Dragster my Mom told him not to pressure me into it.  There was definitely no pressure needed, I couldn’t wait to hop it that drivers seat  When I did start racing I absolutely loved it and became very serious about it.  A lot of people joked with my Dad saying: “Kevin, she’s the son you always wanted!” and my dad would reply, very seriously, “why can’t she be the daughter I always wanted?”  That response is why my Dad is my hero.  He NEVER lets the fact that I am a woman be an excuse for ANYTHING!  He doesn’t judge anyone by their gender, ethnicity, sexual preference etc. and he definitely doesn’t let it affect what he believes they are capable of.   There are so many other reasons he is my hero but this is one reason I cherish very much,  one day I  hope I will be able to teach own kids these same values.

Love you Dad xox.


2 thoughts on “My Dad, My hero.

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